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"Living and Learning with Parrots"

You likely have come to this page because Lee McGuire, or one of the LLP team, sent you here as a participant in the online class "Susan Friedman's Living and Learning with Parrots: The Fundamental Principles of Behavior."

(Since 2010, Lee McGuire, Susan's teaching partner since 2004, has been the lead instructor for LLP. Susan continues to work in the background, advising, revising lectures and working on new goals to advance the application of the science of behavior and learning.)

Participants in this popular class on occasion (first in 2002) have been given opportunities to donate to Bird Endowment in lieu of paying a fee for the class.

Now you also have an opportunity to participate as a supporter of Bird Endowment's Saving the Blues program. You can go to this page for a custom Pay Pal link. You also may donate using U.S. Postal Service. Bird Endowment's address is POB 966, Cuero, TX 77954-0966.

Susan Friedman, Ph.D., is a valued supporter of Bird Endowment. A psychology professor at Utah State University, Dr. Friedman founded the very popular online class called "Living and Learning with Parrots: The Fundamental Principles of Behavior."