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Laney S. Rickman

Dr. Benny J. Gallaway

Dr. David N. Phalen

Dr. John P. O'Neill

John L. Meitzen, MBA

Jack R. Rickman

The expertise of our diverse leadership animates the spirit of Bird Endowment with specific experiences essential to our mission success.

Taken together, this broad and deep knowledge base provides exceptional guidance for Bird Endowment's dedication to
Saving the Blues.

Laney S. Rickman
President and Executive Director
BA Spanish, Master studies History of Latin America, University of Houston.

Advocate for captive parent-rearing to assure long-term survival of all psittacines.
Internationally recognized for research and study of captive Blue-throated macaws and their reproductive behavior.
Managing aviculturist for daily operation of
The Blues Conservatory, Bird Endowment's conservation breeding facility.

Dr. Benny J. Gallaway
Adjuvant Committee Chair, Ecology and Environment
Ph.D. Wildlife and Fisheries Sciences, Texas A and M University.

Recognized for research on conservation and population ecology, and avian genetics (ratites and psittacines).
President of American Federation of Aviculture.

Dr. David N. Phalen
Adjuvant Committee Chair, Bird Health
DVM, Cornell University; Ph.D. Veterinary Microbiology, Texas A and M University.

Acclaimed internationally for work on parrot-related medicine, with infectious diseases focus.
Assistant Professor at Texas A and M College of Veterinary Medicine.
Associate Director, Schubot Exotic Bird Health Center, Department of Pathobiology at Texas A and M University.

Dr. John P. O'Neill
Adjuvant Committee Chair, Ornithology and Tourism
Ph.D. Zoology (Specialization in Ornithology), Louisiana State University.

Discoverer of more (13) species of birds new to science than any currently living person. Highly recognized for scientific in situ study of South American birds, especially in Peru.
Much published author and widely collected artist.

John L. Meitzen
Vice President, Chief Financial Officer
Masters of Business Administration, University of Texas at Austin.

Government regulatory compliance expert.
Small business advisor for strategic financial management.
Private finance/investment management.

Jack Rickman
IT/Communications Manager
Victoria College, Jesse H. Jones School of Business Administration at Rice University, Phillips University, University of Texas.

Communications industry executive with peer recognition of demonstrated achievements.