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About Elwood and Dicha

Elwood Blues is a second generation captive hatch who was parent-reared at Houston
Zoo. His father is the son of BE Founder Pair #2 (Prophecy and Fantasy). His mother was raised by a wild-caught pair at
St. Catherine's. Elwood hatched Feb. 11, 2000, and was their first offspring. The acquisition of Elwood was facilitated by support from
Ark-La-Tex Caged Bird Club of Shreveport, LA. He moved into our flock in May 2001.

Dicha (which means happiness and good luck in Spanish) is a first generation female raised by BE Founder Pair #1 (Ira and
Eureka). She hatched on June 4, 1997. Along with clutchmate Xena, she remained with the parents as a family unit for almost a year.

Elwood and Dicha selected each other while in the flock during 2001. In 2002 they moved into their own habitat.

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Honorary Bird Curators

Lee McGuire, Saskatchewan, Canada
Reno Area Avian Enthusiasts, Nevada
Mark Moore, Texas
Jean Jordan, Texas
Ark-La-Tex Caged Bird Club, Louisiana
Damon and Dot Slator, Texas

Parenting Partners

Jill Weiland, Texas
Heather Smolinski, Maryland
Dick Williams, California
Pamela Hennessy, Maryland
Eleonore McCaffry, New Jersey
Lance Brady, California
Dawn Eyler, West Virginia
Patty Jourgensen, Texas
Paola Rossi, Italy
Arby Macaw, California

In Memoriam

Arizona Seed Cracker Society, in Memory of Myrlene Mell

Ric Flowers, as president, accepts a Honorary Bird Curators Certificate on behalf of Ark-La-Tex Caged Bird Club. The Shreveport, LA., presentation by Laney Rickman was recognition for the important role the club played in the acquisition of Elwood.

Reno Area Avian Enthusiasts Acting President Pat Chinnici, center, holds a Honorary Curator Certificate partnering RAAVE with Elwood and Dicha. Nora Schmidt and her pet BTM, right, approvingly observed the RAAVE donation to Bird Endowment after Laney's presentation to the club in Reno, NV.