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About The Flock

Flock socialization at The Blues Conservatory has, for all appearances, the look and feel of a playground for juveniles. The first squawkin' in the morning is the kids arguing over perch position or trying to commandeer one of the swings.

The practical side is that they acclimate to the group and become part of its dynamics. In that process, they form sexual bonds over time that leads them to mate selection and a better breeding pair.

Not everyone in the flock is a potential breeder. Rhapsody was totally hand-reared because her parents, Founder Pair #2 were mutilating hatchlings when her egg was laid. We were forced to Human Surrogate Parent her because there was no macaw surrogate available at the time she hatched on Oct. 12, 1999.

Rhapsody's role today is as an interim "nanny." We put her in a separate cage with a young BTM prior to that bird's introduction into the flock. This procedure seems to make for a much less traumatic transition. Also, Rhapsody tends to be the "oldest bird in charge" when she is in the flock and takes care of her latest "new kid."

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Honorary Bird Curators

Karen Rossi, Colorado
Katy Secor, Massachusetts
Mike Keens/Jungle Toys, California
Rockie Mooney, California
Katherine Belzowski, Florida
Wasatch Avian Education Society, Utah

Parenting Partners

Feathers to Fur Pet Care, LLC, Colorado
Joanna Moritz, Nevada
Kimberlie Senteney, Illinois
Sandra Warren, Illinois
Wade Plouvier, North Carolina
Tanya Renner, California
Tracey Harrington, Texas
Mnj Sultan, India
Melinda Bray, Ohio
Tracy Walsh, Washington

In Memoriam

Lorrie Mitchell, California, in Memory of blues singer Ruth Brown

Arizona Seed Cracker Society in Memory of Jo Plotske

Artist Arlene Powers surrounded by BTM watercolors she donated to BE.

Chase Kimball, President of the Wasatch Avian Education Society, accepts an Honorary Curator certificate from Laney after she gave a presentation to the club in January 2005.