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Heartfelt THANKS
to our Supporters around the world!

Laney Rickman‘s passion for saving the Blue-throated Macaw from extinction in the wild inspired people across the globe to join efforts in “Saving the Blues.” Countless donors have contributed to Bird Endowment and its projects since Laney and Jack Rickman founded this volunteer-managed nonprofit organization in 1998. 


We are deeply grateful for the continued support since Laney died unexpectedly in 2017. An incredible number of people have responded to letter campaigns, Facebook fundraisers, raffles at conferences, auctions, and more. Your contributions keep momentum going on restoring habitat and providing supplemental nesting sites for this critically endangered bird.

2025 Nido Adoptivo Sponsors

2024 Nido Adoptivo Sponsors

2023 Nido Adoptivo Sponsors

2022 Nido Adoptivo Sponsors

2021 Nido Adoptivo Sponsors

2020 Nido Adoptivo Sponsors

Laney Rickman BTM Fund (2017 – 2019)

El-Beni Factors 2007 – 2017

“Go Blue Challenge” 2014 - 2016

Nido Adoptivo Founding Donors 2007 – 2008

Bird Endowment Founding Donors 1998

Thanks to your support, the Blue-throated Macaw 

is flying toward a brighter future!

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