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In 2006, Laney Rickman, founder of the Bird Endowment nonprofit, met with Bennett Hennessey of Asociación Armonía while attending a conference at Loro Parque in Tenerife, Spain. Subsequently, Laney originated and developed the Bird Endowment's Nido Adoptivo annual fundraising campaign for artificial nest boxes in partnership with Armonía as an in situ "Saving the Blues" Program to increase the annual reproductive output of the Blue-throated Macaw wild population. 

The Bird Endowment initially committed to fundraise for a minimum of 20 nest boxes to be erected in Bolivia for the 2007-08 breeding season. The response exceeded that goal by 14 boxes (a total of 34). Those original donors to Nido Adoptivo are recognized as Founders of the continuing annual program.


 The Nido Adoptivo™ Founders 


Katy Secor, Massachusetts 

Eva Dicker, California 

Claire Dicker, California 

Dr. and Mrs. Robert Stonebreaker, California 

Parrot University, North Carolina 

Margo Rose, California 

Kathryne Thorpe, Virginia 

Jennifer White, North Carolina 

Deborah Stambul, California 

Cleveland Parrot Education & Adoption Center, Ohio 

Janice Boyd, Louisiana 

Kelly and Spencer Wheeler, Washington 

France Archambault, Texas 

Hank Greer, South Carolina 

Laurel Greer, South Carolina 

Paige Greer, South Carolina 

Ryan Greer, South Carolina 

Reid Greer, South Carolina 

Emma Greer, South Carolina 

Hayden Greer, South Carolina 

Evan Greer, South Carolina 

Bolivar the BTM, Pennsylvania 

Attila Molnar, DVM, California 

Aurelia Lynn Friedman, California 

Vicki Baiamonte, Texas 

Rocky Mountain Society of Aviculture, Colorado 

Rocky Mountain Society of Aviculture, Colorado 

Lisa Johnson, Arizona 

Greg and Patty Muzic, Ohio 

Northwest Exotic Bird Society, Washington 

Companion Bird Club of Delaware Valley, Pennsylvania 


 Founders In Memoriam 

Harry Heidenreich, by The Leather Elves, Massachusetts 

Rita Tindall, by Ark-La-Tex Caged Bird Club, Louisiana 

Baby Giselle, by Wendy's Parrots, Texas 










The Nido Adoptivo™ Founding Donors

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