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Saving the Blue-throated Macaw in Bolivia

Ways to Support  "Saving the Blues" 
A range of opportunities to contribute to the preservation of this magnificent bird!

Sponsor a Nido Adoptivo NEST BOX on the Laney Rickman Reserve

Since the program’s inception in 2007, 128 Blue-throated Macaw chicks have fledged from the Nido Adoptivo supplemental nest boxes on the Laney Rickman Reserve, highlighting the substantial impact of this project on the recovery of this critically endangered species. 

Sponsorships are now being accepted for the 2025 breeding season of the Blue-throated Macaw. Your $300 donation to sponsor a nest box for a year covers the cost of materials to build the nest boxes, fieldwork to locate appropriate nesting areas, and monitoring the nest boxes during the breeding season. 100% of your contribution to sponsor a nest box is sent to our partner Armonía in Bolivia. You may specify two initials for your nest box. In addition, your name (and tribute 'in honor of' or 'in memory of,' if designated) will be listed on our "Supporters" page. 

With current estimates of 420 - 480 Blue-throated Macaws in the wild, this number of successful fledges represents a significant contribution to the overall population, comprising over 25%.  In addition, since 2017, the number of second-generation chicks has generally increased annually. Parent birds that had previously fledged from the nest boxes (marked by leg bands) have learned that this is a safe place to return to raise their own chicks, a strong indicator for future population growth.

Blue-throated Macaw Habitat Restoration ProjectLaney Rickman Reserve


The Blue-throated Macaw Habitat Restoration Project at the Laney Rickman Reserve in the Beni Savanna, Bolivia is a crucial initiative for the conservation of this critically endangered species and its habitat. Now that Armonía owns this important piece of land, we are taking action to restore the habitat. Your contribution plays a vital role in helping to restore the habitat to its natural state, ensuring the Blue-throated Macaw's long-term survival and promoting biodiversity in the region. Restoring the savanna/forest island ecosystem in the reserve is essential for providing suitable nesting areas and resources for the Blue-throated Macaw and other threatened wildlife to thrive.

Work on this critical project commenced in late 2022 with surveys to document the current diversity, structure, and composition of the remnant forest, an important first step in understanding the ecosystem and determining what needs to be done to restore the habitat. The next immediate step is the Greenhouse Project to research and understand what specific types of plants need to be restored. The primary food source for the Blue-throated Macaw is the fruit of the motacú palm tree Attalea phalerata. In addition, these birds also enjoy fruits from various other trees.

"Friends of Laney Rickman Blue-throated Macaw Reserve"

With the establishment of the Laney Rickman Reserve in 2018, the most important breeding site for the southern subpopulation of the Blue-throated Macaw is now protected forever.  But conservation goals are not met by just buying land as the emblematic species can suffer from threats like poaching, uncontrolled fires, and invading cattle negatively affecting their habitat. Your support will go directly to protecting this species and its crucial habitat by restoring this endangered ecosystem through the nest box program, fire prevention, park guard patrols, and habitat restoration.

General "Saving the Blues" Donations

General contributions that support Bird Endowment and Armonía's efforts in "Saving the Blues" on the Laney Rickman Blue-throated Macaw Reserve in Bolivia play a vital role in the conservation of this critically endangered species.

Every contribution, regardless of the amount, makes a difference in the conservation of this iconic bird species. It's heartening to see collective efforts aimed at safeguarding biodiversity and preserving the natural heritage of the Beni Savanna in Bolivia. These contributions help fund a range of activities, including habitat restoration, nest box provisioning, monitoring and research, community engagement, and education programs. By supporting these efforts, individuals and organizations contribute directly to the protection and recovery of the wild Blue-throated Macaw population and its habitat.

"Laney Rickman Blue-throated Macaw Fund"

In 2017, to honor Laney Rickman’s legacy and continue her dedicated efforts to saving this critically endangered species from extinction, the Bird Endowment, Asociación Armonía, American Bird Conservancy, and Laney's family partnered to establish the “Laney Rickman Blue-throated Macaw Fund”. This Fund is managed by American Bird Conservancy, a 501(c)(3) organization with all disbursements sent directly to Asociación Armonía in Bolivia. Over  $260,000 has been raised to date. 

Thanks to your support, the
Blue-throated Macaw is flying toward a brighter future!

Pair of Blue-throated Macaws in flight over the Laney Rickman Reserve.  By Bennett Hennessey, Armonía 2018

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