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 The "Go Blue for the Blue-throated Macaw" Challenge


In August 2014, Barbara Heidenreich issued the “Go Blue for Blue-throated Macaws" Challenge to raise funds to support Nido Adoptivo and heighten awareness about Bird Endowment’s conservation efforts saving the Blue-throated Macaw. Her video ( issuing the challenge went viral and was shared and reposted around the globe.  Barbara is an internationally acclaimed, professional animal trainer though her business "Barbara's Force Free Animal Training" as well as owner of Good Bird Inc. She owns Blu Lu, a well-known ambassador Blue-throated Macaw that came from Bird Endowment's Blues Conservatory. Barbara also posted the challenge on her website ( under the parrot conservation page


We are grateful to Barbara and the following donors

who accepted the challenge!

2015-2016 Go Blue Challenge

East Wings Freeflight Club

Pet Birds Association of Virginia

Kelley Story, Virginia
South Bay Bird Society, California

2014-2015 Go Blue Challenge

John Brasaemle, Colorado
Andrew Hall / AvianWise, Colorado
Barbara Heidenreich / Barbara's Force Free Animal Training, Texas
Barry Siegel, Massachusetts
Minnesota Companion Bird Association, Minnesota 
Flight Club Foundation, Washington 
Evan Ogawa, Marian Goldeen and Rachel Goldeen, California 
Birblr / Bird Blogger Community on Tumblr 
Susan Gandiello, East Wings Freeflight Club, and Bird Clubs of Virginia
Donnie Hedgebeth, East Wings Freeflight Club, Peninsula Cage Bird Society and Bird Clubs of Virginia
Earlene Douglas, Nataly Alayeva, Yatskouskaya Viktoryia, Amanda Lafond, Jacob Textor 
April Blazich, Paula Nowak, Magnolia Exotic Bird Sanctuary, Hillary Hankey, Gabriele Tenti, If We Go
Janet Bray Art, Shauna Roberts, Tanika Clarkson, Leigh A Billingsley, Judstuf, Intertwined Ecotours Corp.
Lanette Raymond, Redfeather Photography/Kate Lane, Roy Barney, Michelle Mastous, Elle Knox, Jaclyn Brown
ACE/Gabriele Alexander (MSAS, RMSA), Michelle C. Underhill, Nicole Pereira, Ruth Hammond, Buddy Waskey
For Candy, by ABC Birds (Jamie Whittaker, Beth Rowan, Kathy Heaton, Janice Boyd, Georgia Hayes and Victoria Ronchette) 
Avalon Aviary / Susanne Cochran, Colorado
Avalon Aviary / Susanne Cochran, Colorado
Juli Lohnes, Susan Schuster, Joseph & Rosa Paglilni, Renata Grieco, Knit Happens, McKenna

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