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Bird Endowment Founding Donors

Based on research and observation, Laney Rickman had determined by the early 1990s that a flock of parent-reared Blue-throated Macaws would be necessary to perpetuate their unique species culture in captivity. However, after years of personally funding and facilitating parent-rearing of Blue-throated Macaws, her vision proved financially unsustainable while utilizing only personal resources.The call went out in early 1998 to family, friends, bird clubs, aviculturists, and other bird lovers.

"Help us build a non-profit organization to benefit all birds, but one that can especially focus on saving the Blue-throated Macaw from extinction."

On 26 February 1998, the 501 (c)(3) non-profit Bird Endowment was officially established and incorporated. We are grateful to these Founding Donors listed below who responded generously.It was their "seed money" that made possible what Bird Endowment has become and the positive impact the organization has made on conservation.

 Founding Donors 

Dee Adams, Illinois 
Todd R. August, Texas 
Nadine Barr, Texas
Searcy and Elizabeth Bracewell, Texas 
Bruce and Norah Broillet, California 
Hazel Casey, Texas 
Linda L. Cole, Texas 
Stephen and Wendy Crane, Washington 
Loryn Duncan, Virginia 
Bob Elgas, Oregon 
Gary and Norma England, Texas 
Dwight and Beth Greenberg, Florida 
Colleen Hazel, Maryland 
Neal and Billye Heaps, Texas 
Joann Hendrick, Texas 
Roy M. Huffington, Texas 
Pete and Bessie Kaldis, Texas 
Peter and Carol Kovac, Texas 
Tommy Langham, Texas 
Molly Langham, Texas 
Ted and Pat McGee, Texas 
Bill Moskalik, California 
Dorothy and Malcolm Paterson, Texas 
Pelican House Bed and Breakfast, Texas 
Lingo and Pat Platter, Texas 
J. B. Richardson, Texas 
Leslie Anne Ross, California 
Frank and Millicent Shelden, Texas 
Jim and Suzanne Silver, Texas 
M. Lee Simmons, Florida 
Damon and Dot Slator, Texas 
Mark and Marie Stafford, California 
Tom and Marty Stovall, Texas 
Philip and Marge Viola, Texas 
Greg West, Texas 
Randall Young, Hawaii 

 Founding Donor Clubs 

Arizona Seed Cracker Society, Arizona 
Ark-La-Tex Caged Bird Club, Louisiana 
Bird Clubs of Virginia, Virginia 
New Mexico Bird Club, New Mexico 
North West Exotic Bird Society, Washington 
River City Bird Club, Texas 
Rocky Mountain Society of Aviculture, Colorado 
Wasatch Avian Education Society, Utah 

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