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Nido Adoptivo™ Sponsors

An incredible 145 Blue-throated Macaw chicks have fledged from the nest boxes on the Laney Rickman Reserve. With estimates of 420 - 480  of these critically endangered birds in the wild, this number of fledges is truly significant -

about one-third of the wild population, and increasing!

Nest Box Sponsorships are now being accepted for the 2026 breeding season of the Blue-throated Macaw.

2020 Nest Box Sponsors

Alan Brelsford, CA (2)

Andy Sanford, TX (2)

Anna Todd, TX

Arizona Bird Store, AZ

Bird Gardens of Naples, FL (2)

Bondalene Morales, VA

Brenton Head, Australia

Carol Woodson, VA

Dawn Anderson, WA

Debbie Goodrich, WA 

EARTH Ltd. @ Southwick's Zoo, MA (4)

Elizabeth Fisher, TX

Flight Club Foundation, WA

Janice Boyd, TX (8)

Jodie Olmos, WA

Judy and Buddy Waskey, VA

Kansas City Zoo, MO (4)

Kathleen Hodges,TX

Katy Secor, MA

Los Angeles Zoo, CA (8)

Miranda Running-Finger, FL

Phoebe Weseley (2)

Ray Varella, CA

Rita Fenwick, VA

Rockie Mooney, CA (2)

Roger O'Connell, MA

Susan Rafte, TX

St. Augustine Alligator Farm Zoological Park, FL

Verleen Hopper, TX

William Christian, TX

William Proebsting, OR (2)

   2020 In Honor Of:   

Audrey Paterson

by Dorothy Paterson

Damon T. Slator

on his 98th birthday

by The Paterson Family

Georgia Hayes

by Dorothy Paterson

Jack Rickman

on his birthday

by The Paterson Family

James Hall

by Holly Tarquinio

Lewis "Buddy" Waskey

by Dorothy Paterson

Lisa and Allen Wilson

by Dorothy and Malcolm Paterson

Lourdes Hernandez & Randy Hulet

by Dorothy and Malcolm Paterson

Susan and Alan Rafte

by Dorothy and Malcolm Paterson

Terry Huffington

by Dorothy and Malcolm Paterson

   2020 In Memoriam:  

Joey Tobola

by Karen Anderson, MN

Laney Slator Rickman

by Dorothy Slator Paterson, TX

Laney Rickman

by Verleen Hopper, TX

Laney Rickman

by Nancy Marbach, TX

Linda Christian

by William Christian, TX

Peggy Sanford and Dot Slator

by Andy Sanford, TX

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