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Nido Adoptivo™ Sponsors

An incredible 145 Blue-throated Macaw chicks have fledged from the nest boxes on the Laney Rickman Reserve. With estimates of 420 - 480  of these critically endangered birds in the wild, this number of fledges is truly significant - about one-third of the wild population, and increasing!

Nest Box Sponsorships are now being accepted for the 2026 breeding season of the Blue-throated Macaw.

2024 Nest Box Sponsors

ABC Birds / Jamie Whittaker, TX
Alabama Gulf Coast Zoo, AL (5)
American Federation of Aviculture
Anaya Crawford, WA

Andrew Maguire, New Zealand (4)

Andy Sanford, TX
Anna Todd, TX
Anneliese Walker, WA

April Blazich, NC
Arizona Bird Store / Debbie Schweikardt, AZ

Avalon Aviary / Susanne Cochran, CO (2)
Betty Jordan, TX
ird Gardens of Naples / K. Lohrman, FL (3)
Bob Ittner, TX
Brenton Head, Australia
Carol Muir and Steve Malowski, OH
Carol Woodson, VA
Chirp Merch / Kim and Geoff Hatch, AZ

Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden, OH

Connecticut Parrot Society, CT

Dawn Anderson, WA

Elizabeth Fisher, TX

EARTH Ltd. @Southwick's Zoo, MA (4)

Flight Club Foundation, WA
"Friends of Keiko" Wild Macaws Quilters
GetCreative2 / Gaye Thomasson, CO
Holly Tarquinio, TX

Janice Lang, TX

Kansas City Zoo and Aquarium, MO (8)

Kathy and Mike Hodges, TX

Katy Secor, MA

Kiko's Toy Chest / Jodie Olmos, WA

Laura Barwick, NC

Laurel Rohrer, VA

Laurie McFarlane, MN

The Leather Elves, ME (2)

Lena and William Proebsting, OR (2)

Los Angeles Zoo, CA (8)

Magaly and Bjorn Salas, TX

Matthew Robertson, LA

Meghan Cahill, WA

Meryl and Roy Friedman, CA (2)

Minnesota Companion Bird Assoc.

Nora Presutti, NY

NPRPF Parrot Festival

ParrotJOY / Apryle Craig, WA

Rockie and Nicholas Mooney, CA

Roger O'Connell, MA

Rosalie Cole, MN

Rosemarie Mueller, NV

Royal Avian Plus / M.Carollo, C. May, LA

Susan van den Broek and Jan Derr, NC

​Texas Natural Freeze Dried Products/Suzanne Ort, TX

Treasure Coast Exotic Bird Club, FL

Tom Marshall, VA

Wendy Froistad, MN

2024 In Honor of:

Allen Wilson

by Lourdes Hernandez, TX

Audrey Paterson

by Dorothy Paterson, TX


​"Bird Fever"

by Joanna and Mark Roth, IN



by Suzanna Dodd, NY


Dean Chan

by Canadian Parrot Conference


by Kim Dickerson, NE


Dorothy Paterson

by Jeni Raymond, TX

​Jamie Whittaker

by "Her Loving Parrot Festival Friends"

Julia Severts

by Erin Severts, VA

Lewis "Buddy" Waskey

by "His Bird Endowment Fans"

Lourdes Hernandes

by Dorothy Paterson, TX

Martin Lewis

by Canadian Parrot Conference

Nathalie Lemieux

by Canadian Parrot Conference

Scott Hutchinson

by Joanna and Mark Roth, IN

Susan Rafte

by Dorothy Paterson


by Alicia McLaughlin, WA

Terry Huffington

by Dorothy Paterson, TX

Verleen Hopper

by Bill Christian, TX

Willa and Austin,

the next generation of aviculturists

by Carol-Lynne Meissner, TX

2024 In Memory of:

Allan W. Wilkie

by Suzan Payne, Canada (2)

Barry Whittaker

by Dawn Lucero, Lanette Raymond, Suzanna Dodd, Asma Naqvi, Concetta Ferragamo

Carol Maguire

by Andrew Maguire, New Zealand



by Karen Cheek Justice, NC

Chuck Jakway

by Avian Suites / Karen Anderson, MN


by The Leather Elves and Diane Hyde, NY


by Marylynn Loepki, NY

Colin Maguire

by Andrew Maguire, New Zealand


Damon Slator

by Bob and Linda Ittner


Daria Feinstein

by Keriellen Lohrman, FL


by Kashmir Csaky, VA

Dr. Ellen Cook

by Nancy Vesely, IN

Dr. Frank Blazich

by April Blazich, NC

"Fred, Munchkin, Fiammetta & Nubs"

by Amanda Hoffman, VA

Georgia Fletcher

by Carole & Dick Grommet, MO

Grandma Jean Loerop &

Grandma Martha Medenblik

by Joshua Medenblik,MI


by Patti Christie, MN

Dr. Janice Dinegar Boyd

by Dorothy Paterson, Bird Endowment

Laney Slator Rickman

by Dorothy Slator Paterson, TX


Laney Rickman

by Jeni Raymond, TX

Laney Rickman

by Nancy and Todd Marbach, TX

Max E. Justice

by Karen Cheek Justice, NC

Paula Presutti

by Nora Dawn Presutti, NY 

Peggy Sanford and Dot Slator

by Andy Sanford, TX


by Karen Anderson/ Avian Suites, MN

Sydonia Luco

by Amy Branecky, TX

Zack Gilmore

by Jessica Gilmore, TX

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