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An incredible 145 Blue-throated Macaw chicks have fledged from the nest boxes on the Laney Rickman Reserve. With estimates of 420 - 480  of these critically endangered birds in the wild, this number of fledges is truly significant - about one-third of the wild population, and trending upward!

Nest Box Sponsorships are now being accepted for the 2026 breeding season of the Blue-throated Macaw.

2025 Nest Box Sponsors

FINAL July 13, 2024

ABC Birds / Jamie Whittaker

Adrianne Mock, AR

Alice Ingram. TX

Andy Sanford, TX

Anna Todd, TX

April Blazich, NC

Arizona Bird Store / Debbie Schweikardt, AZ

Avalon Aviary / Susanne Cochran, CO (2)

Avian Suites / Karen Anderson, MN

Beth and Dwight Greenberg

Bill Christian, TX

Bird Fever / Joanna and Mark Roth, IN (2)

Bird Gardens of Naples / Keriellen Lohrman, FL

Birds Out Loud / Kim Hatch, AZ

Birdwear / Michael and Lisa Pazienza, TX

Bob and Linda Ittner, TX

Brenton Head, Australia

Carol Muir / Steve Malowski, OH

Carol Woodson, VA

Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden

Dallas Parrots Aviary, Inc / Fahad Ahmed, TX

Dawn Anderson, WA

Debbie Goodrich, WA

EARTH Ltd. @Southwick's Zoo, MA (5)

Elizabeth Fisher, TX

Erin Severts, VA

Everything Birds / Kirsten Cunningham, FL

Exotic Tropical Pet World / Marlen Lopez, TX

Hazel Banks, MN

Jennifer Perez and Winsly Pierre, TX

Julie Corwin, SD

Kansas City Zoo and Aquarium, MO (8)

Karen Anderson, MN

Kathy and Mike Hodges, TX

Katy Secor, MA

Kiko's Parrots / Jodie Olmos, WA

Laura Barwick, NC

Laurel Rohrer, VA

Laurie McFarlane, MN

Lena and William Proebsting, OR (2)

Leslie Schindler, LA

Los Angeles Zoo, CA (8)

Magaly and Bjorn Salas, TX

Meryl and Roy Friedman, CA

Michael Campa, NC

Minnesota Companion Bird Assoc. (2)

NPRPF "Parrot Festival"

Peter Myers, CO

Psittacus USA / David Garcia, FL

Rockie and Nicholas Mooney. CA

Roger O'Connell, MA (2)

Rosalie Cole, MN

Royal Avian Plus / Michelle Carollo, LA

Rosemarie Mueller, NV

Stephen Fronefield, DVM, TX

Susan Clubb, FL

Texas Natural Freeze Dried

Treasure Coast Exotic Bird Club, FL

Products / Suzanne and Phil Ort, TX

Tom Marshall, VA

Verndell Gildhouse, OK

Wendy Froistad, MN

Wings of Love Bird Haven / C. Meyer, TX

2025 In Honor of:
2025 In Memory of:

Alejandro Chaoul

by Lourdes Hernandez, Terry Huffington, and Dorothy Paterson

Connie Jasinskas

by Canadian Parrot Conference


by Kim Dickerson, NE

Jack Dodd

by Suzanna Dodd, NY

Luz Natalia Mercado

by Bird Endowment

Midge Gordon

by Paul Tremblay, TX


by Kimberley DePaul, FL

Muriel Hyde's 100th birthday

by Diane Hyde


by Patricia Rudikoff, NY


Ray Varella

by Dorothy Paterson, TX


by Alicia McLaughlin, WA

Terry Huffington

by Dorothy Paterson, TX

Vytas Jasinskas

by Canadian Parrot Conference

Barry Whittaker

by Nancy and Todd Marbach, TX

Brian Livesay

by American Bird Bands / Matthew Honig


by Mark Mahaffey, TX


by Karen Justice, NC


by Mary Radford, LA

 Damon Slator

by Paterson Family, TX

Damon Slator

by Riley Hetherington, TX

Damon Slator

by "Pink Posse" - Carla Leslie, G.G. Hsieh, Jeannie Frazier, Karen Funk, Lourdes Hernandez, Nadine Eidman, and Susan Rafte, TX

Dorothy "Dot" Slator

by "Pink Posse" - Carla Leslie, G.G. Hsieh, Jeannie Frazier, Karen Funk, Lourdes Hernandez, Nadine Eidman, and Susan Rafte, TX

Dr. Ellen Cook

by Nancy Vesely, IN

Frank Blazich

by April Blazich, NC

Gene DePaul

by Kimberley DePaul, FL

Georgia Fletcher

by Carole & Dick Grommet, MO

Janet Borland

by Tony Zuchora-Walske, MN


Dr. Janice Boyd

by Dr. Sharman Hoppes


Kat Trensch

by Flight Club Foundation, WA


Laney Slator Rickman

by Dorothy Slator Paterson

Laney Rickman

by Roger O'Connell, MA

Larry and Sheila Kemp

by Amy Branecky, TX


Max Justice

by Karen Justice, NC

Paula Presutti

by Nora Dawn Presutti, NY 

Peggy Sanford and Dot Slator

by Andy Sanford, TX


by Mark Mahaffey, TX

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